About Us
About Us
The Agri Collaboratory [TAC] is a non-compete,
not-for-profit, Agri "Think and Do Tank"
TAC started in 2022 with co-founders and strategic partners from diverse disciplines.
It functions as a volunteer-driven, borderless, eco-system builder, accelerating the usage of open-source innovation and co-creating digital public goods in agriculture
We are inspired by the vision of
Making Farming & the Indian Farmer Profitable, Sustainable, Resilient
by integrating
ecosystem led digital public rails, open data, action research and policy intervention,
enabling India to emerge as
A Global Leader in Digital Public Infrastructure for Agri Innovation
National Imperative
National Imperative
The Agri sector needs to become significantly more profitable, resilient and sustainable - ensuring the efficient use of resources: land, water and labour for India to achieve its ambition of becoming a  
10 trillion USD economy.  
The Agri Collaboratory’s Approach
Translating Vision Through a 3-Pronged Strategy
Digital Public Goods for Agri
Co-creating “digital rails" with the broader ecosystem and the government for several challenges (use-cases) in agriculture.
DPI in agriculture, built on PPP mode, combining the innovation of the private sector and the scale of the Government, can make digital agriculture transformative, affordable and encourage start-ups to build businesses on this infrastructure and address farmer’s needs.
Building Open, collaborative Ecosystems for Agriculture
Strengthen the engagement with central and state Governments, private sector, academia and agri-tech startups.
TAC is building an ecosystem led, open-source movement for Agri, which in turn will help build the elements of the common digital infrastructure [Digital Rails] for Agri – as a public good, collaboratively between the broader ecosystem and the Government.
Agri Data Interoperability
Accelerating the use of Data to solve agri use-cases through better Data standardisation, calibration and authentication.
Agriculture is one of the least digitised in India and plagued by dozens of siloed software applications and islands of data, providing little benefit. Lack of standardisation, calibration and certification leads to data which is rendered partially ineffective for further processing or is deemed un-trustworthy. Standardisation will help improve “data-trust” furthering adoption of automation through large scale AI models and avoiding real-world biases creeping into AI prediction. Currently there is a vacuum with respect to Agri Data Interoperability for seamless integration and relevance across applications.
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AgFx - Democratizing finance for Smallholder Farmers
Project AgFx aims to simplify Farmer Credit Assessment for Small farmers (specially tenanted and women) by triangulating consented, multi-year, disparate, public, and private data sets such as farmer ids, farm records and cropping history. AgFx partners are attempting to generate an efficient, authentic assessment of purpose neutral loans for small & tenanted farmers in less than 15 mins and at a reasonable cost.
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AgDx - Agri Digitisation Index for India & the Global South
Evaluating penetration, maturity, and impact of digital agri practices across States & agri value chain.
TAC and its partners are co-creating AgDx to assess the penetration, maturity and impact of digital agri practices on farmers. It will help develop actionable insights to accelerate digitalisation of  agriculture. Further, TAC's AgDx will help frame policies, attract capital, accelerate innovation and learning, civil society mobilisation, and finally benefit farmers through adoption of digital agriculture.
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Core Partners and Ecosystem

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