We look forward to building an open collaborative ecosystem with partners
that align with our vision and co-create farmer-centric digital solutions
Partners and Ecosystem
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Values & Mutual Commitments
As a Partner of The Agri Collaboratory, you are expected to
  • Create a thriving, collaborative ecosystem, supporting Open Source innovation.
  • Build an integrated movement together: (jointly with Industry, Govt., Academia, NGO’s, Foundations etc.)
  • Actively contribute in building “Digital Rails” as a public good, within TAC’s “non-compete” construct
  • Commit to support and advocate jointly agreed policy initiatives, interventions and programs.
  • Contribute and support TAC in spirit and in kind; publicly and financially as mutually agreed to ensure success of our joint effort.
The Agri Collaboratory Commits to its Partners that it
  • Is an open global alliance bound by common purpose; principles and values.
  • Has a “no-compete” / ”non-duplication” policy, builds “Digital Rails” as a public good with no vested interests.
  • Is building an Open Source Agri community. We conduct quick experiments. All learnings are usable by partners.
  • Won’t violate the privacy of Farmer’s Data, confidentiality of TAC partner’s Agri Data and any IP ownership rights.
  • Encourages new business models and commercialisation of Agri value chains.
  • Is strictly non-political. Advocates policy changes and interventions, that we jointly agreed are needed.
  • Adhere to highest level of corporate governance standards Publish Bi-annual impact assessment & plans: Interventions – Outputs – Outcome.
  • Provides complete Transparency on TAC members, advisors, donors, project activity, funding & expenses.
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Value Aggregation to TAC Partners
For Agri Startups:
Help define real Agri problems that need solving. Connect to Governments, Agri Enterprises to scale rapidly. Collaborate globally.
For Government and Government Agencies:
Provide aggregated input from Agri Tech Ecosystem, reduce duplication, help understand field execution issues for Technology; policy gaps.
For Agri Enterprises:
A platform to channelize and support Agri Tech innovation for partnerships.
For FPOs:
Access to Ag Techs and support to scale technology penetration and improve productivity.
For Academia:
Upgrade curriculum to include Agri Tech – theory and field work. Increase leverage by providing Ag Tech ecosystem with domain skills, making strategic investments and becoming co-partners.
For Research Institutions:
Accelerate commercialization of research by partnering with Startups for “go-to-market”. Improve quality of research through better access to live field work, for stress tests.
For Industry Associations:
Support industry agenda for Food and Agriculture as appropriate. Aggregate Tech ecosystem engagement, policy inputs as well as be the consulting / sounding board.
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Creating Value for TAC Ecosystem
Agri Enterprises & Ag Tech Startups
Direct Impact:
  • Build new businesses on the “Digital Rails”+` built jointly, or strengthen and expand existing ones.
  • If the Agri sector accelerates to become a 3X size in 10 years it has a exponential growth effect on the existing Ag Start-ups and Enterprises.
  • Core members help shape TAC agenda & work streams. Collectively lead projects aligned to business interest.
  • Leverage TAC’s diverse Indian and Global Agri partners for business connect and partnerships.
  • Engage the Government.; Agri foundations and other social organizations in an open, industry construct [eg. standardization of processes, data].
  • Incubating new business / commercialization models is vital to accelerate innovation in Agri.
Indirect benefit by transforming Indian Agri:
  • Providing State & Central Government aggregated policy input from Agri Tech Ecosystem, and help them appreciate field issues for technology implementation.
  • Help Government streamline policies on Agri Digitization, Data Interoperability – standardization, monetization; NPD for Agri etc. Use of Data is key to Agri sectoral growth.
  • Use TAC’s managed or participated forums, panels, committees etc. for business impact.
  • Enhanced Skills, Education & Research increases Agri value chain’s ability to absorb innovation.
  • Leverage TAC’s social media presence.
TAC follows a "No-compete" / "Non-duplication" policy so it doesn't compete with any Partner.
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Direct Impact:
  • Job opportunities for Agri innovators, agriculturists, agronomists etc. will explode if sector becomes 3X size in 10 years
  • Upgrade Ag curriculum in partnership with Industry & Ag Tech startups including IoT, AI, Drones, Blockchain etc. – theory, field work and research – provide skills needed.
  • Provide Ag Tech ecosystem with domain skills, making strategic investments as “co-partners”.
  • Strengthen Academia – Industry axis, leverage TAC’s Indian and Global Agri partners to build research partnerships.
  • Attract bright youngsters to Agri universities and especially to become co-founders in Ag Tech Start ups, combining domain skills with Tech innovators.
Indirect benefit by transforming Indian Agri:
  • Play a key role in the digital transformation of Indian Agriculture.
  • Along with TAC partners, participate in cutting edge open source innovation.
  • Provide ground level Agri expertise towards work on Data Interoperability [standardization, calibration, authentication].
  • Enhanced Skills, Education & Research increases Agri value chain’s ability to absorb innovation.
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Research Institutions
Direct Impact:
  • Commercialize research models through private sector – Enterprises Ag Startups.
  • Incubate and accelerate Ag Tech Startups, making strategic ”go-to-market” partnerships and helping them with domain research.
  • Attract bright youngsters to Agri Research and especially to become co-founders in Ag Tech Start ups, combining deep domain research with Tech innovators.
  • Enhanced visibility and monetary return+` for deep researchers.
Indirect benefit by transforming Indian Agri:
  • Enhanced focus on Agri Research accelerates sectoral transformation of Agriculture towards sustainability and profitability.
  • Play a role in Indian becoming a global leader in Agri research & innovation.
  • Participate in cutting edge open source innovation with TAC partners.
  • Provide deep Agri expertise towards work on Agri Data standardisation, calibration, authentication.
  • Attract youth towards deep Agri research careers.
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Collaborate with Us
Collaborate with Us
Collaborations with the ecosystem are absolutely imperative in the work that we do with small and marginal farmers and farmer consumers.
Examples of such collaborations can be
Partnerships with Indian and international agri corporates and startups
Working with academic and research institutes
Research fellowships for students and academics
Volunteering opportunities for individuals
We welcome collaborations in all shapes and form with individuals and entities. Please reach out to us to explore opportunities to collaborate.